Santi's Fountains has been in Riverside California for over 32 years producing excellent quality cast stone garden products. Using the purest materials our team of skilled craftsman use the traditional method of hand casting and finishing each piece so that the highest quality is achieved. We have a variety of finishes the majority of which are color cast and stained for lasting beauty. The lovely garden setting with paths wandering through hundreds of bubbling waterfalls, fountains, pots, birdbaths, table sets and statues makes a refreshing way to shop.
The founder Valentino Santi, a registered member of Who's Who has creativity in his blood. His Grandparents brought their craft from Florence, Italy. Not only were his father and Grandparents innovators in the industry, he is an 18th generation lineal descendant of the immortal Renaissance artist Raphael (1483-1520).
Our products are all hand cast using the purest materials. Through generations the Santi families' have time-tested methods of properly mixing and properly curing cast stone to help create our unique line of garden art. Relying on techniques passed down through generations our experienced artisans use no short cuts. We use nothing that is fast setting and no additives, just the right combination of sand, gravel, cement and proper curing.
Our molds are all made onsite at our factory/garden store. Mold making is an art that has been lost to a large degree. To make a mold that allows the fine details of a piece to be shown is no small task. Mr. Santi is an expert mold maker and has a wonderful eye for design, hence our products have marvelous detail.
We have a variety of finishes on our products; many eliminate the need for refinishing. All of our fountains include a re-circulating pump, and all accessories that are needed. You will need an electrical outlet for the fountain, but not a water line (the same water re-circulates). Use a garden hose to add water as needed.
Many of the fountains can be brought home in the trunk of your car; others need a pick up truck. We have delivery available for an additional charge. Fountains should be placed on a level foundation such as a stepping stone (which we carry) or a concrete slab. We also sell an algaecide and a product to reduce mineral deposits.
Valentino has taken his craft to a new level with his new copyrighted line of inspired designs. They bring beauty and peacefulness together so that anyone can have their own personal work of art. Santi's original designs bring grace to gardens everywhere.

18888 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92508 ~ Phone (951) 780-0622

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